Not much going on around here...

Well, the little "kennel" area we constructed was a qualified disaster. So, we've got some mason guy coming over to give us an estimate ($$$$$$) on redoing the whole thing. We'll probably do something nice like have several terraced areas and an easy way to clean up the poo. They'll still have a fair sized laundry room to hang out in when it's sunny or raining as well, so they should be covered.

Kinda off-topic...but what's the deal with how expensive everything is here in California?!? I just had a bunch of work done on a rental house in Texas and the cost, quality and overall experience was very good. Here, if you can EVEN get a guy to come out when he says he will, it's at least $1000 just for them to blow some snot on a tissue.

Anyhow, I need to get some new pictures of the dogs on here. For the meantime, here's an old pic of Bernie...enjoy.


Anonymous said...

I live in Petaluma (eastside). We got a Berner April 1st. Her name is Bayla...she is awesome!. We met a couple other Berners while out for walks... Bella 18 mo and Mario (120lbs at 10 months) Bayla is really good, but we have a lot of time and family to share in the rearing. I think it takes a village. Love to connect with you and meet your pooches. Bayla is just a bit over 4 months and a major puppy. Loves to play and has a good bit of energy.


Anonymous said...

Tried responding to hotmail address you sent and it was undeliverable. Don't want to post my phone # here, but I'd love to get together to run the dogs. Send me a way to contact you (not hotmail address) and I will send you my contact info.

Looking forward to a good run for the dogs,


princess stacey said...

hey how are you im stacey your dogs are so cute, i have a bernie too called jessy shes 7 month i also have a newfoundland whos three month there hard work arnt they..well stop by my blog and look at the dogs if you like