Back from the kennel!

We went away to the Trinity River for the Labor Day Weekend and put Bernie and Homer in a kennel. It was their first time in and according to the proprietors at It's A Dog's Life, they had a really good time playing with all the other dogs...

...but we're glad to get them back where they're stuck with us!

On the long drive home, we were trying to remember the funniest thing Bernie has ever done. The winning story was obvious:

Bernie once got a thorn from the field near our house stuck in his skin. As is typical, we panicked and took him to the vet. They pulled the thorn out, cleaned everything all up and sent us home with a bottle of antibiotic pills.

Fast forward 1 day.

Bernie gets bottle of antibiotic pills from kitchen shelf (how I don't know) and then proceeds to eat every pill in the bottle. We discover this right away and rush him to the vet. On the way there, he throws up said pills all over the back seat of Fen's car.

Fast forward to the vet.

Bernie sees large, unsteady woman and decides to rush her for affection. Lady falls to the ground, cursing wife and dog.

Hmmm....maybe you had to be there?

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