Homer in "Old Age"

I've been terrible about posting updates here. Hopefully some time will free up and I'll rectify that situation, but with a full-time job and active toddler, don't hold your breath! :)

That said, as long as I'm here, I'll try to lend some insight into what life is like with a nearly 7-year-old Berner. Sadly, that is getting near the end-of-the-line for Bernese Mountain Dog life expectancy, but fortunately for Homer, nobody gave him that memo.

Homer is quite frankly and most honestly the same dog he was 5 years ago. He still looks like a puppy and acts like one too. We're really hoping he turns out to be one of those 12-year+ Berners.

Lately, he's taken to jumping over the fence (a very tall fence!) in order to visit our friendly neighbors. As I'm told, his days are quite interesting playing with the neighbors and roaming their yards. Well, at least more interesting than my cubicle-filled days! The only downside to his near-daily escapades has been an uptick in the number of ticks (uptick...ticks...I'm so clever!). Berners are like walking tick hotels with their long fur but giving Homer a short summer cut has seemed to fix the issue.

As always, I'm terrible about pictures but here's one from a few months ago...Homer waiting for Max. :)