How are Bernese Mountain Dogs with babies?

It sounds like a recipe for disaster, right? Take the following ingredients:

1) 120 pound Berner
2) 80 pound Berner
3) 15 pound baby

To me, it sounds like BOOM!!!

I thought we might be in for some trouble with a new baby, but to my surprise (and relief), it turns out Berners are extremely gentle around babies! Both dogs lick the baby on his feet from time to time but nothing more.

The dogs are also very protective of the baby. A few weeks ago, while the dogs were in the kennel outside, our new nanny stepped out on the balcony and Max started crying. The dogs, hearing a stranger with the baby, went bonkers and literally broke down the fence to get out and get closer to the situation. I am still in disbelief that the dogs literally brought down a fence that has held them for years. Amazing.


Shelley said...

Sounds like you have 2 big sweetie berners over there! I was also surprised by how gentle they are w/ kids. My 70 pound puppy (she is 9 months old) was so gentle w/ my young nephew. A testament to the breed!

Mary said...

We just had to put our 7 yr old down- he was suffering from bone cancer. I was googling berner pictures and found you blog. Not sure if you are still writing since your last post was 2009- but with kids and 2 dogs I bet you are busy. Hope you write again soon.

Eric said...

Sorry to hear that, Mary. We just lost Bernie at age 6 to spleen cancer and the loss has been crushing for me and my wife.

natalieanddogs said...

Yes it's a major disaster and room attack! I have two kids and two dogs. If I leave them with their dad, it's a major catastrophe then.

Natalie and my bernese mountain dogs

jessej said...

you know what they say about "berners"? They don't have masters, or even owners....they have families! i would not expect anything less from your two BMDs. maregaux and jesse